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Is your contractor licensed?

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Here are some rules, regulations, and laws governing general contractors in Florida:

Does Coastal Pro Roofing carry a valid contracting license? If you pay someone to construct a building or a structure, make structural alterations to load bearing walls, or perform services such as roofing, plumbing or air conditioning work, that person must have a state contractor's license.

Coastal Pro Roofing currently holds an active Certified Roofing Contractor License #: CCC1332650 with the State of Florida.

How important is contractor licensing in Florida? The Florida Construction Industry License Board maintains high standards for contractor licensing. Prior to receiving their license, Florida contractors are required to prove four years of relevant work experience or education; pass a board examination and prove financial solvency.

In Florida, licensed contractors are required to attest they have obtained public liability and property damage insurance in the amounts determined by the Board.

Coastal Pro Roofing holds a $2,000,000 insurance policy with State National Insurance Company. As of 2007, the Florida DBPR began requiring license applicants to submit their fingerprints, which are used to run a criminal background check with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. In addition, they are required to provide a credit report during the license application process to demonstrate financial stability.

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